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Arts Feature: Striving Artists Company

Behind the Scenes of "Sam"
Behind the Scenes Shot of cast and crew on set for "Sam". Take note of the old school teleprompters.

At the beginning of June, I was excited to have the opportunity to be the sound crew for a film by a local theater company, the Striving Artists Company, or SAC. We filmed up at the UNH theater, which is beautiful and big, and features an incredible fly system, which played into the plot of the film.

The film was called "Sam", and is about an assistant stage manager who is trying to patch things up after forgetting to put a key prop out on the props table during a rehearsal. Sam goes to great lengths to try to get the prop out to the actor when she needs it. Check out the behind the scenes video below, and the final film here!

You can see more of SAC this weekend and next as they're performing their annual summer Shakespeare production. This year's production is Hamlet, and they've done all of the casting gender-blind. The show stars Kelsey Bevins as Hamlet. This weekend's performances are at Borderland State Park in Easton, MA, while next weekend's shows are at the Historical Society in Fall River, MA. I'll be at the Fall River performances filming - I hope to see you there!


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