Arts Feature: The Lilac Players

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Anna Richardson sings First Transformation from Jekyll & Hyde

Last Thursday, a new local Boston theater group called The Lilac Players held their debut performance, a fundraiser cabaret at the Rockwell in Davis Square. The Lilac Players are focused on bringing feminist and LGBTQIA theater to the stage. The theme of the cabaret was turning points and revelations.

Above, we see Anna Richardson (my lovely wife!) singing her heart out of the First Transformation from Jekyll & Hyde. In this photo, she is in the throes of transforming from Jekyll to Hyde.

Elyssa Bjorkman, Meghan Jolliffe and Tyler Crosby sing "Old Friends" from Merrily We Roll Along

Elyssa Bjorkman, Meghan Jolliffe and Tyler Crosby sang "Old Friends" from Merrily We Roll Along. I love this song, because the three friends are really struggling with some fundamental differences in opinion, but continue to come back to and recognize the value and power of their long-standing friendships. It feels like a real and honest representation of what long-term friendships can be like. These three did a great job with the song.

Theresa Griffin and Elyssa Bjorkman sing "Crazier Than You" from The Addam's Family

Theresa Griffin and Elyssa Bjorkman sang "Crazier Than You" from The Addam's Family. In this song, Lucas allows Wednesday Addams to shoot an apple off his head while she is blindfolded. It was a fun switch-up here to have both roles sung by women.

Nick Stevens sings "Nobody's Side" from Chess

Nick Stevens sung a great rendition of "Nobody's Side" from Chess. This song is a turning point for Florence Vassy, in which she declares that she no longer owes anything to American Chess player Freddie Trumper. This belt song is a favorite of mine due to the sheer vocal power of the song.

The Lilac Players are certainly a group to keep an eye on in the coming months! They haven't yet announced their next event, but you can find out more and join their mailing list at

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